We seek to serve

This web site is designed to be the portal to health and safety information, consultancy and training for professionals working in:

  • theatre, including opera
  • performing arts, e.g. dance and music events
  • television, both production and support services
  • film, both studio-based and on location
  • exhibition and related industries
  • the Olympics, festivals and other live events

Any organisation involved in any event that has similar characteristics to those categories listed, above, are likely to find this web site useful.

You can make a difference

We would welcome input from you. In particular, we are always interested in:

  • articles and ideas for articles related to safety
  • photographs that you are willing to share
  • tips on useful sources of information
  • suggestions for sites to include in our "Links" directory
  • vacancies and invitations to tender

Initially, you are invited to contact us by telephone or e-mail to discuss your proposal.